The MyFitnessPal App

Featuring: Tze

Seriously. Where does social sharing end???

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  • Moom

    Wait… you are just fantasizing now, that the app also keeps track of that, right? Hmm, you know that certain enjoyable activities are very effective for burning calories….. *PLING* Oh, wait, I just received a notification…

  • Athalie Pøisøn Lalae

    ahahahaahah I think I’ll give it a try, I’m in a Forrest Gump moment right now. Mum mocks me saying I should run the NY city marathon XD (actually I don’t run, I just walk at a very fast pace. A lot.)

    • Tze

      I also walk a lot! It’s easier to stay motivated,  especially when listening to music at the same time. I’ve done marathons actually (JP Morgan Chase). And failed. FAILED… T_T
      ——– Original message ——–

      • Athalie Pøisøn Lalae

        Yeah, when listening to music I could just wander for hooooours! *__*

        • Tze

          Yes! I’m also exactly like that! :D

  • Patrick Naish

    But then you save calories by spilling the drink, so it all works out!

    • Tze

      …Ooh so that’s it! And the more friends you add, the higher the chance of reading disgusting things while eating. I think I finally understand social networking!