Recipe for Disaster

Featuring: Tze, Ben

But no, I never do learn.

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3 Responses to Recipe for Disaster

  1. Dom Romer says:

    Vampires were said to be obsessive compulsive, so you could place piles of seeds (Eastern Europe) or a bag of rice (China) in the woods or whatever and if they came across it they’d have to count them all, and would still be there when the sun came up and be destroyed.

  2. Moom says:

    Was it not in one of those elaborate Eastern Bloc TV-film interpretations of the fairy tale “Aschenputtel”, that Cinderella got the useless task of sorting beans been thrown together on the floor by her stepmother on purpose? The last panel made me think back to those days.

  3. DerKeks says:

    *muhahaha* was für eine geile Reaktion “yup”, der Gesichtsausdruck, die Tassse… :D

    Vielleicht einmal sowas wie Linsen (Cornflakes, Zucker, Mehl, Reis, und was man sonst noch gerne mal über den ganzen Küchenboden verteilt) in die Plastikdosen vom Schwedenfanshop mit den 4 gelben Buchstaben packen. Hab ich aus dem gleichen Anlass probiert und hat sich bisher bewährt :) Der Kollateralschaden in vergleichbaren Situationen fällt seither deutlich milder aus.