…Means Food

Featuring: Tze, Ben, Guinea Pig, Poppadum

Next comic should be a recipe-related one again!
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(A Fridgeezoo is a milk carton-shaped plastic animal that reacts when the fridge light goes on, to help you save electricity–and the environment. Greetings range from “Harro!” to short sentences, to annoyed lines when the fridge is left open too long.)

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  • http://www.facebook.com/liz.howard.125 Liz Howard

    please can you get Gary one.

  • Chinoiseries

    OMG, they are worse than our cats! o__O

  • Teabobaggins

    The clinking of cutlery, glasses or plates also means food to piggies. :)

    • http://www.sugardesire.com/blog Tze

      Ours haven’t started linking that sound to food yet. …Glad, too…otherwise we’d never be able to eat!

      • Teabobaggins

        Eventually I decided that it was safer to take my food upstairs to eat. :D

  • S.

    Goes for cats as well.