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…And I misspelt “Bought”. Meh.

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14 Responses to Gorgonzola

  1. Anders Hansen says:

    I had strawberries grow hair over the night. It was a bit gross.

  2. Spirend says:

    That happens unfortunately often with me. Usualy, i just put the box into deepfreeze for later microbiological examination. So far, i’ve found that letting boiled rice cakes ferment in an area with at least 40% moisture produces a mold which contains a rare, bacterial and hyperactive form of penicillium. Essentially, a flu cure to the 5th power.

  3. Liz Howard says:

    a new life form has been created!

  4. Bartel says:

    long live biodiversity!
    that’s what i used to say, but it can ruin your pans…

  5. Richard says:


  6. Patrick Naish says:

    The legacy of poorly-timed eating lives on.

  7. Nozombie says: