Ghent Report III + Zum Lahmer Esel

Featuring: Tze, Sean, Paddy, Foz, Gemma

Double update as promised! Also, happy Diwali (Wiki)!
Update on 28-10-2011 I forgot to add links to these places. Here you go! The restaurant Zum Lahmer Esel (German) and the awesome soap shop Bubbles at Home. If you can’t resist buying cute stuff, then do not click on this link which leads directly to their soap sweets page. You’ve been warned.
First, Ghent report part 3:

And here’s a more recent comic:

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6 Responses to Ghent Report III + Zum Lahmer Esel

  1. Zomink says:

    Ok, maybe veggie fail, but still sounds delish!

  2. Tine says:

    It’s kinda hard to get “real German” vegetarian food. I was once at a restaurant “auf dem Lande” near Krefeld, Niederrhein and they had a “Vegetarische Bauernpfanne” in their menue. When it was served there was lots and lots of bacon in it and the waitress absolutly didn’t get why the vegetarian didn’t want to eat it ^^

    • Tze says:

      Whaaaaaaaaaat?! D: I’ve encountered dishes with boring veggies in butter or tomato sauce, but actually meat in there?! Bah. I hope you got compensated or were able to find something else at least. :(

    • Patrick says:

      Sounds like what happens a lot to my vegetarian friend in Beijing and when she complains they tell her ‘just don’t eat the meat’

      • Tze says:

        Oh yes, that happens here too. Or they’ll offer to take the meat out for you (but not bring a new dish). Ugh.