From Zero To All The Condiments In The World

Featuring: Tze

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5 Responses to From Zero To All The Condiments In The World

  1. Moom says:

    The keyword here is “useless”. From the comic I conclude that you are able to tell with relative ease which ones are useless.

  2. Nozomi Horibe says:

    AHHHH FAKE SOY SAUCE! Definitely a pet peeve of mine. (nod nod)

    • Tze says:

      I’m not one to talk about quality as I used to only buy the Chinese brand Pearl Bridge; cheap, watery and salty. :p But yeah…western brands pretending to do authentic stuff…it usually goes wrong.

  3. Chinoiseries says:

    Nope, that’s not too much. Just find a more convenient way to store them :P

    • Tze says:

      Nooo now nothing will hold me back from buying spice racks and drawers and storage stuff and… >_< And that Japanese Tupperware shop opened in Frankfurt, argh.