Chocolate Is The Motivation

Featuring: Tze

Probably not the way MyFitnessPal is intended to work, but hey, whatever keeps me going!
…And yes, I own horrible, skin-hugging tight, reflecting running trousers.

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“Blue blue”

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  • Moom

    Well, skin hugging ones at least beat the baggy variant of training trousers. And as far as I can judge from the drawing, you’ve chosen pretty decent colors.

  • Friendly Troll

    Ahaha, I wound up getting My Fitness Pal App after you recommended it, and Ive gotten into the habit of adding snacks I want to have later in ahead of time… x3 Like paying out money from a budget- its nice because before Id wind up already full bemoaning the pack of cookies going stale…

    Maybe also not the intention? Ahaha.

    • Tze

      I do that too! Whatever works! :D