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I Subconsciously Bought Liver. What Could That Mean?

Featuring: Tze …Aside from being hungry: nothing. And I misspelt OSTRICH. Look at it! I’m going to sleep now.

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I Chose Option 2….And It Was The Wrong One

Featuring: Tze Unfortunately, the problem isn’t fixed yet so my new site is still not online. -.- Curious? :3 It’s a food blog! The planned launch is August 25th, but let’s see if I can make it in time… Also…new … Continue reading

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When Not Even The Best Umbrella Can Save You…

Featuring: Tze …that’s Frankfurt monsoon time.

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Did You Know That Once A Month, Your Argument Is Invalid?

Featuring: Tze It is. Period.

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Food Science For Beginners

Featuring: Tze Lesson 1: eggs solidify in hot water. No shit, Sherlock!

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