Apfelsecco By NaturTalent

Featuring: Tze

I still don’t drink a lot, but Apfelsecco by NaturTalent is the tastiest prosecco I’ve ever had. Many bottles have been consumed this year…

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  • Dom Romer

    If you Google Image search for “Apfelsecco” this comic is the fourth result!

  • http://www.facebook.com/valentine.hunecke Valentine Hunecke

    Ooooh, muss ich ausprobieren. :D

    • http://www.sugardesire.com/blog Tze

      Tue es! :D Wenn du es finden kannst… ich konnte es nur online bestellen. :S

  • http://twitter.com/mottekurunoda Nozombie

    Nice! Good start to the weekend. I’m also having a glass of wine with G!

  • Moom

    I’ve recently tried “Warme Kriek” from the belgian brewery “Timmermans”. “Kriek” is Lambic beer that has been infused with cherries, normally served cold, but this particular type has been fine-tuned to drink heated, similar to Glühwein. It’s so freaking tasty that I deliberately plan to buy it not too frequently.

    • http://www.sugardesire.com/blog Tze

      WARM kriek? :O I went to Belgium recently but missed that, argh. Should’ve gone out more while I was there!Is this version also flavoured with spices?

      • Moom

        No, not spiced. But it it had a hint of nutty flavor from the kernels of the cherries, apparently being brought out slightly stronger from the brew by the heating. I buy it from a specialist beer shop in downtown Amsterdam

  • Chinoiseries

    You know that I still expect you to bring a bottle for Christmas, right? ;-)

    • http://www.sugardesire.com/blog Tze

      One or two? :p

      • Chinoiseries

        Two :D

  • http://twitter.com/princessslala Laura

    Oh, sounds nice! I love the apple beer from V+ <3

    • http://www.sugardesire.com/blog Tze

      Ohhh I’ve seen it but not tried it yet! Maybe I should then! :D