Another One on Lip Balm

Featuring: Tze

There’s still a food-related comic coming up, but I didn’t finish it in time. So instead of no comic, here’s a part 2 of Thursday’s comic.

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  • Moom

    When I looked at panel 3, I thought I say a little tweety bird.

  • Damaris Kolozsvari

    haha! does it have peppermint? sometimes thats what causes that “burning”effect (at least for me)

    • Tze

      Yeah, it’s peppermint. How can it soothe sensitive lips? By numbing them? o_O

  • Sarah

    Oh it burns me too.. I heard that some lip balms contain ingredients that aggravate your lips to make them look fuller, ugh.

    • Tze

      Yay, I’m not alone! And yeah, you know where those special lip balms originate from…? Maybe not really suitable for this blog. XD

      • Sarah

        uhhh. ugh.! I had no idea but, its ok I’m happy not being further educated on the topic, haha. ^^ I’m currently weaning myself off lip balms but the Autumn winds are being harsh xD